Top 5 dental conferences in India you must attend!

Last updated Jan 24, 2023

Last updated Jan 24, 2023

Dentistry is one of the fields where innovations take place all the time. A dentist has to keep up with the trends in the global market. However, it becomes very difficult to race with technology every time.

Attending conferences and trade exhibition helps a dental professional to know the upcoming trends under one roof.

Here are the top 5 dental conferences in India you must attend to keep yourself upgraded in the field of dentistry.

1] Indian Dental Association (IDA)

Indian Dental Association (IDA) is renowned and a recognized voice of every dental professional in India. IDA not only targets dentists but also the dental students, educators, associates and the general public.  

They aim to improve public oral health, by conducting different campaigns, conferences, webinars and workshops. IDA helps to promote high standards in education and research in the field of dentistry.

The Indian Dental Association represents more than 75 thousand dental professionals, 33 state branches and 450 local branches all over India.

IDA conduct state, national and international seminars, conferences, workshops, and trade exhibition. Two important conferences by IDA are listed below.

2] World Dental Show

World dental show is an IDA (Indian Dental Association) platform which involves high-quality and updated research information for dental professionals, students and associates.

The event acts as a gathering which unites all relevant groups related in the world of dentistry.

World dental show organizes panel discussions and lectures which help in developing knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the visitors get an opportunity to interact with exhibitors of dental material and equipment traders to use and compare the technology in the dentistry today.

World dental show also has hands-on training, workshops and demonstration programmes which will upgrade the dentist’s skill and knowledge.

Professionals and speakers around the world guide the blooming dentists share their knowledge and experience.

The ‘World Dental Show’ involves more than 200 dental equipment and material suppliers where you can meet them in person and get the best deals on the products.

Upcoming World Dental Show: 18-20th October 2019

Venue: MMRDA ground, Bandra Kurla Complex, Upcoming Famdent Show: 7-9 June 2019Mumbai.

3] IDA Dental Interns Conference

Many times dental interns are stuck in their path what to do next. IDA also conducts conference exclusively for dental interns to guide them in their career.

The conference helps them to explore different opportunities abroad and address different resources like books, skills finances and self goals. IDA also conducts activities like paper presentation, hands-on workshop, clinical demonstration for budding dentists.

IDA is a complete platform to stay upgraded in the field of dentistry for all dental professionals.


Famdent is a platform which meets the needs of all dental professionals. It is founded by Dr. Anil Arora in the year 1999. Famdent provides world-class scientific modules and shares information about the innovations in the field of dentistry.

There are a number of Famdent ventures like publications, Famdent Shows, Famdent awards, Corporate Solutions and many more.

Famdent Show is an opportunity for all the dental professionals and associates to find innovations under one roof. The show has a wide range of exhibitors which provide equipment, and technology at reasonable rates.

Also, the seminars have sessions of highly reputed National and International professionals. The show has hands-on workshops, live dental procedures, conferences and many more.

Visiting Famdent Show is indeed an opportunity to grab every aspect in dentistry.

Upcoming Famdent Show: 7-9 June 2019

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon East, Mumbai


Expodent is India’s Largest Dental Exhibition. It is Established by the Association of Dental Industry and Trade of India (ADITI).

ADITI is a forum which connects dentists, traders and manufacturers. They make world class equipment available to the dental professionals at affordable price.

ADITI aims to bring the latest technology and global trends in the field of dentistry to India.

Expodent involves the exhibition of the latest technology from the globe in India. The exhibition helps to acquaint dentists with current modules and trends. Expodent involves more than 250 stalls every year.

So, Expodent will certainly help every dental professional upgraded regarding the upcoming trends.

Upcoming Expodent event: Expodent Mumbai – Coming soon.

International Dental Lab Expo & Conference (IDLEC)

IDLEC is an initiative taken by Ivory exhibitions and conferences. The event aims to upgrade the knowledge and level of work of dental technicians.

The step is taken to bring the job of dental technician into notice.

People are not aware of the existence of a dental technician. There are a number of colleges in the country who educate dentists, but very few institutions offer courses for technicians. Thus there are very few qualified technicians in the country. 

IDLEC, therefore, organizes this event to bring this branch of dental professional into consideration.

More than 15 speakers and a number of hands-on workshops and courses which highlight new techniques helped the technicians to advance the standards of oral care.

The trade includes the latest technologies and services in and around the globe.

Companies from Spain, Italy, Korea, Germany, Turkey, and India exhibited their products.

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