Oral Health Awareness  Camps for Corporate Partners


Corporate Camps by scanO(formerly DentalDost)


Partner Clinics across India

1 Cr+

Saved with Preventive Care

Why are we doing these camps?

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Prevalence rates for

oral health issues are >75%

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Bad oral health is linked to

Serious Cardiac issues,

Complications in Pregnancy,

Neurological disorders, Diabetes &

other systematic health hazards

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Chronic stress, Sedentary lifestyle and

Anxiety are significant drivers of bad Oral

Health (directly & indirectly)

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Lack of Dental insurance

makes Dental Care

a very expensive affair

Adverse impact

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Research states a ~INR 70K crores of

annual loss in productivity owing to

bad Oral Health *source: IJDR Research*

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Expensive bills for dental treatments

also lead to further financial stress on

individuals & organizations

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Bad oral health also leads to

increased mental stress owing to low

confidence, low morale, and disturbed


But the Good News is…

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expensive treatments like
RCTs & extractions are

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oral health issues can be
avoided simply by
managing daily habits

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of Oral Cancer cases can
be avoided by regular
checkups on scanO(formerly DentalDost)

About the Camp

The camp would be conducted
at the premise of the company.
This camp will be conducted by
our in-house Dentists who may
be occasionally accompanied
by experts from other areas of
health management –
like gynecologists,
cardiologists, neurologists, etc

Camp Structure

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Part 1

30-minute session on Preventive Care & Selfie Dental Checkup

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Part 2

1-on-1 Consultations with Dentists
for Preventive & Corrective Care

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Part 3

Personalized Oral Care Plan &
Personalized Oral Care Kits

Recent Corporate Camps

Square Yards

Square Yards

Let us experience our free oral smart awareness camp in Bengaluru with SquareYards. At their Bangalore premises, we completed our hybrid camp, where Bengaluru participants were consulted live from our Pune headquarters with our in-house dentists. ...

Alice Blue, Bengaluru

Alice Blue, Bengaluru

Dive into our stories from yesterday's Smart Oral Health Awareness Camp at Alice Blue, Bengaluru - It was a delight to meet with all the participants and learning about how they care about their teeth and oral cavity.  Participants were excitedly engaging...



It was an incredible experience to conduct 'Smart Oral Camp' at U-SMART.AIand spread our vision of delivering smart oral care to all. Through DentalDost AI-scan technology, it was the first time for all the participants to experience this level of...

Ready To Get Started?

What is scanO(formerly DentalDost) ?

scanO(formerly DentalDost) is a dentists-led, rebellious healthcare brand.

We strongly believe in a holistic and preventive approach to oral health. Oral care should be about preventing major health issues, and not reacting too late with surgical treatments.

What do we offer ?

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Track your daily, weekly & monthly habits which positively or negatively affect your oral health.

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Opt for timely hygiene routines with dentist partners to proactively avoid any major treatment.

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All treatment options will always be accessible as emergencies can some times be unavoidable.

Custom Oral Care Kits

Personalized Oral Care Kit

Gone are the days where all of us in the family used the same toothpaste.

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Scan your mouth

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Get Consultation & Free Report

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Buy Dentist recommended oral care kit for you

And you know what?

How can you start your journey right away?

Wouldn’t all of us be as rich as Elon Musk, if we had a dollar for every time someone told us to brush twice or floss our teeth every night?

Well, that is exactly what we are going to do.

Now you can earn money by brushing your teeth, and going for a gum massage!

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