Top 3 upcoming International dental events you must visit

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Dentistry has the power to innovate every now and then. A number of conferences take place worldwide which showcase the latest trends and innovations which help to make the field advanced and efficient.

Here are the top 3 upcoming International dental events you should never miss and get your hands on the latest trendsetters in the world of dentistry.

1] IDS Cologne

The IDS is basically an international dental show, which takes place in Cologne once in every two years. It is known as the leading global trade fair and also the industry event for the dental technicians, traders, and industry.

IDS showcases an unrivaled global trade fair. They display a number of innovations which are ultimately trendsetters in the dental industry. They also have hands-on workshops where the renowned experts share their skills and knowledge.

More than 155,000 visitors witness this fair and get their hands on the latest innovations in the field of dentistry.

Upcoming IDS Cologne: 14-18 March 2023

Venue: Messe Cologne, Germany

2] Dental South China International Expo

This exhibition involves over 900 dental companies, 55,000 visitors, and more than 20 countries and regions. The International Expo targets all the associates who work in the field of dentistry.

Dental South China is the largest dental equipment manufacturing base in China. The key products present at the exhibition include dental equipment, laser equipment, x-rays, oral care products, orthodontic materials and many more.

Dental companies coming from China, Germany, the USA, South Korea, Italy, France, Austria, Pakistan, and many others display their latest products and advanced technologies in this exhibition.

Upcoming Dental South China Expo: 23-26 Feb 2023

Venue: China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair Complex) Guangzhou, China.

3] Asia Pacific Dental And Oral Health Congress, Japan

It is a great platform for exchanging new ideas and research in the field of dentistry. The theme for may congress is ‘Trends and Innovations in Dental and Oral Health’. The Conference involves Dental professionals, Specialists, Nurses, Corporate dental Organisations, Manufacturers and Distributors and many more.

The conference highlights speakers, hands-on workshops, symposia and exhibition which showcases the global trends in the world of dentistry.

The professionals get new ideas concerning dental health and also its advances. Therefore, this is the best opportunity to accomplish the greatest meetup of people from dentistry and oral care.

Moreover, renowned speakers, presentations and novel techniques in dental issues mark the uniqueness of this conference.

Upcoming Asia Pacific Dental and Oral Health Congress: July 2023

Venue: Osaka, Japan

No one wants outdated knowledge, material, or treatment plans. One must attend these conferences to stay updated about all the recent trends in dentistry globally.

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