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The smile of each person in this world is unique in its own way. It is our inner beauty that matters the most. But if you are concerned about the looks of your teeth and smile, you can read further.

People become concerned about their smile due to improperly arranged teeth, the view of their gums on smiling, gaps in between teeth or discoloured teeth. Whatever your problem dentistry has a solution for that.

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeover is basically the process of making your smile look better with the help of cosmetic /aesthetic dental procedures. Such procedures include: Veneers, Composite, teeth whitening, gum contouring, etc. The treatment is customized depending on the person’s teeth alignment, his/her face’s appearance, skin tone, colour of gums, lips, etc.

How is the smile makeover treatment done?

The type of treatment required obviously depends on the problem of your teeth. Let’s look into the various smile makeover procedures:


Before and after images showcasing a smile makeover transformation

Veneers are thin, tooth coloured covers that are customized as per the patient’s tooth structure and placed on mildly prepared (cut and shaped in a specific way) tooth surface in order to cover imperfections of teeth like minor malalignment, stained or discoloured teeth or any other visible imperfections of teeth that a person wants to hide. It is a common treatment.

Correction using Composite

Composite is a tooth coloured material that can be used for various purposes, like filling decayed or broken teeth, shaping and building up small teeth into normal size, filling gaps between teeth, etc. It can also be used for instant veneering.

Teeth whitening

Image of a smile makeover showcasing transformed teeth

Teeth whitening is one of the most enquired treatments. Dental cleaning alone does not whiten your teeth. It needs a separate treatment that can be done at dental clinic or at home. Your dentist will assess your teeth and find out the type of discolouration and recommend the treatment needed.

Gum contouring/shaping

Gum contouring before after

You might have noticed that, when some people smile, their gums are seen a little more than normal. The teeth may appear smaller due to this and the gums are seen more. So the smile is said to be a “gummy smile”. Gum contouring or re-shaping is done to remove these excess gums and make the smile look more pleasant.

On the contrary, if the gum appears to be smaller and the teeth appear longer than normal, it may be because the gums have receded from their normal position and this might need gum treatment like grafting to improve gum health and appearance.

Crowns and Bridges

Bridges and Crown Treatment

This is one of the most common treatments in dentistry. This is used for different purposes like capping a root canal treated tooth, or to correct minor malalignment of teeth, replace missing teeth(as bridge ) or even correcting the shape of a tooth. The tooth size is reduced in a particular way and an artificial crown is placed on top of that tooth, which gives the appearance of a natural tooth. If multiple teeth need to be corrected or replaced (or if one tooth need to be replaced by taking the support of the next teeth), a crown and bridge are used.

Tooth shaping

Some teeth might need just simple shaping by grinding to look better.

Who are eligible for smile makeover treatment?

People who have good oral hygiene and are willing to take care of their dental health even after the treatment by following the rules set by the dentist are eligible for the treatment. Because some treatments may need special care so that the filling or crowns are not discoloured or damaged.

Are there any side effects?

Usually, there are no major complications or side effects for smile makeover treatment, but some procedures like teeth whitening may cause sensitivity and some other treatments have slight chances of causing gum irritation as well.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Guidelines depend on what type of treatment you have undergone. If the procedure involved gum surgery or any such procedures, they may need to take care not to get an infection.  Complete the course of antibiotics or other medicines that are prescribed by the dentist and always follow his or her advice. If it is any procedure involving composite or such materials you will have to take care by not biting on hard substances for some days and should also avoid drinking coloured beverages like aerated drinks or coffee. Even if you drink them, make sure to wash your mouth soon after that, or else it may stain the material.

What is the price of treatment in India?

A smile makeover treatment is completely customized as per the patient’s problems and requirements. So it varies from person to person. Hence it is impossible to give an estimated cost of treatment. It may vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of rupees. If the correction needed is mild, the amount will be lesser.

If you or your loved ones think that they need a smile makeover,  feel free to contact dentaldost to get an expert opinion. Just scan your mouth using our app and wait for a few minutes. Our team will contact you for an online consultation.

What are the alternatives of treatment?

Prevention is always better than cure. So the major problem of tooth discolouration can be prevented by avoiding coloured beverages and even if you need to drink them, wash your mouth immediately after consuming them. Avoid smoking, as smoking will deposit stains on your teeth.


  • Smile makeover treatment consists of a set of procedures to make your smile beautiful. It is customized according to the patient.
  • It is best suited for people who take good care of their oral health, such that they will follow the directions of dentist after treatment.
  • The most common procedures include use of veneers, composite fillings, crowns, gum shaping, tooth whitening, tooth shaping, etc.

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FAQs on smile makeover

Is smile makeover treatment painful?

Surgeries may have little discomfort but the procedure is done under local anaesthesia. So the procedure is not painful. But after the treatment, pain may arise, which can be controlled with painkillers.

How long will fillings last?

It usually lasts upto 10 years based on the way the patient care for their teeth with filling.

Is cleaning enough to whiten teeth?

No. Cleaning will remove stains on the surface of teeth, but the colour shade can be changed only with teeth whitening procedures.

Will tooth whitening cause sensitivity?

Yes. Slight sensitivity will mostly be present for some days.

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