“Mother without a uterus” – Motherhood that broke all the gender barriers

Last updated Jan 24, 2023

Last updated Jan 24, 2023

An inspiring and touching story which many of us might have heard! One name which broke all the barriers of the society and set a perfect example of ideal motherhood. Yes, It’s Gauri Sawant. She always says, “Yes, I am a mother, without a uterus.”

Gauri’s journey was never easy to ride on. Yet she fought in every situation and became a great idol in the Indian society.

In ancient Puran, being a transgender was believed as a miracle, but unfortunately, today it’s a shame in our society.


Born in a middle-class family where her father was a cop, Gauri had an elder sister. Gauri or the former name as Ganesh realised that he was not a normal person. He realized that he was moulded into the wrong body.

When Ganesh’s father realized that his son’s behavior is not “normal”, he stopped talking to him. After Ganesh’s mother died, he was living an isolated life.

This suffocated Ganesh and he finally ran away to Mumbai. After a number of struggles and obstacles in life, Ganesh realized that this is not the life he wanted.

An ideal transgender what people think is begging money, clapping in a disgusting way or even being nude in public.


A transgender too has a right to get educated, work and earn their own living. A transgender, too, needs love, respect in the society which he is looking upon every time.

This triggered Gauri and she then started an NGO, “Sakhi Char Chaughi trust”. This works in favor of transgenders and sex workers to get justice for their rights who are being boycotted by the society.

A mother without a uterus

Gauri Sawant on Struggles of being a transgender mother

Image credit: Gauri Sawant/ facebook

One day, when she was having lunch with her colleagues, a sex worker came and asked Gauri for some pickle. Gauri soon realized that the lady was pregnant. Gauri gave her some pickle and later she completely forgot the incidence.

After 4-5 years, her colleague informed that the lady which Gauri shared pickle with was an HIV positive and she died due to it. And due to a number of debts people were going to sell the lady’s daughter to another red light area.

This woke up Gauri and she rushed to the place. She immediately held that little girl’s hand and took her to her place. There were mixed comments about her step. But Gauri was very calm about her decision.

She fed that little girl and put her to sleep. That night, Gauri and the girl kept fighting for the blanket in their sleep. After a while, the girl kept her hands on Gauri’s stomach for warmth.

At that point in time, Gauri realized the innocence of kids and the heavenly feeling of being a mother. She then decided to adopt that girl and raise her. She became the first transgender single mother. Today, Gauri is known as Gayatri’s mother.

Hardships of being a mother

Similar to other women, Gauri too faced a number of hardships. Her daughter Gayatri was being bullied or taunted for being a child of a transgender. This made her send Gayatri to a boarding school for her education so that no one will judge her for her family background.

Gauri is still working for sex worker’s kids. Her project is known as “Nani ka Ghar”. Nani ka Ghar is a place where kids of sex workers are given shelter and safety from that vulnerable environment.

‘Nani ka Ghar’ and ‘Sakhi char Chaughi’ is the symbolic purpose of Gauri’s Life.

Society hasn’t changed yet

Gauri is still fighting for her rights. She needs our support, love, and respect. Making a transgender community a part of our society is a long run.

Today, transgenders are deprived of medical treatment, as not a single doctor is ready to touch them. They too require proper medical treatment and consultation.  

An initiative led by Gauri is really appreciable. Gauri has set an example that a mother could be anyone. No matter what gender or shape. To be a mother you need not give birth to a baby.

Motherhood is only made by love, care, security, and respect.

We salute to such a great mother!

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