Top 5 technologies changing the future of dentistry

Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Dentistry has evolved itself by manifold times over decades. From old times where teeth were carved out of ivory and metal alloys to new technologies where we are printing teeth using 3D printers, the dental field is constantly changing its style.

Revolutionary changes in this field have been seen after the booming of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These top technologies in dentistry have made it possible to inculcate robotics to perform many tasks like diagnosis, treatment planning, and even some treatments!

Here are such 5 mind-blowing top technologies in dentistry which would definitely make you wonder the pace we are upscaling with.

1. Smart Toothbrush

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Smart toothbrushes are the ones who connect to your phone via BlueTooth and analyze your brushing technique. The smart brush not only shows whether you are cleaning your mouth thoroughly but also gauges the amount of pressure your applying on every tooth and direction of bristles. It also has a timer to know the exact time you should be brushing.

Philips Sonicare has launched one such brush named Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, which shows real-time data about your brushing. It connects to both iOS and Android systems where it displays a 3D map of your mouth with analyzed data.

Other examples include Oral B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth connectivity electric rechargeable toothbrush, Colgate E1 and Kolibree Ara smart toothbrush.

2. Smart tooth-straightening device

With changing lifestyle and diet, increasing number of population is suffering from maligned teeth. Orthodontics treatments have limitations. For example in older patients and kids below 7-8 years, traditional orthodontic treatments cannot give the desired results.

This Israeli startup, Aerodentis is a step ahead of conventional braces and clear aligners. Just like a nightguard, this device is also worn at night while sleeping. While you sleep the control console of the machine would be applying the required force to straighten the teeth. What is more fascinating to know is how this device actually works. Unlike traditional wires or plastic coverings, this device has an integrated inflatable silicone balloon.

The control console applies and controls the electric pulsating physiological force in real-time. This digital controlled force enriches the blood flow and reduces the chance of bone resorption on the healing part.

3. Digital impression, designing, and manufacturing

Gone are the days when impressions were taken using sticky impression materials like alginate and rubber base. It’s now possible to digitize the entire process of scanning your tooth, designing crown using CAD(Computer-aided designing) machine and preparing the same using CAM(Computer-aided milling).

Many advancements have happened in the hardware as well as software of these machines. Few of the best intra-oral scanners are TRIOS 4 by 3Shape, CEREC Primescan by Dentsply Sirona and Emerald S by Planmeca.

When it comes to CAD/CAM, CERAMILL MATIK is rocking the show. It is a 5-axis milling machine that combines supply chain, production, and automation unit.

4. Tele-Dentistry

Tele-dentistry is rapidly gaining momentum in today’s virtual world. In our fast-paced lifestyle and long working hours, people are finding it extremely difficult to make time for their periodic checkup appointments. This has given birth to teledentistry where patients are reaching out to doctors through virtual platforms and seeking consultation.

Doctors are constantly communicating with patients on voice calls and text messages, asking to exchange data virtually and helping them with diagnosis and treatment planning. This is very beneficial for professionals as it saves a lot of commute time as well as for the individuals who don’t have access to oral care in their vicinity.

Few companies are also working on automating the consultation part using machine learning which would further aid in saving doctor’s time.

5. Stem cells regeneration

This one is the most terrific which can completely change the current treatment modules. Research on stem cells has been on for many decades. Stem cells are the cells who have the ability to grow into any tissue or organ.

Every year, we come across something very significant which leaves everyone in awe. In-vivo experiments in mice have been successful in regrowing the infected/lost pulp and dentin structure of the tooth. Some gels have also proved positive in making synthetic enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) which is twice harder than normal enamel.

Newer studies prove that stem cells in the tooth can not only be used to re-grow tooth structures but also various organs in the body. A study done at the University of Zurich states that dental epithelium cells in mice can regenerate mammary ducts and also milk-producing cells. This can be a hallmark discovery in breast tissue regeneration in the case of breast cancer.

A small part of body “tooth” can make revolutionary changes in the body and technology has that power to save it.

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