Dental pain during pregnancy?

Pregnancy comes with a host of new emotions, experiences and for some women, uncomfortable side effects. One such common concern for expectant mothers is dental pain during pregnancy.

Dental pain can be quite unpleasant and adds to the existing stresses of a pregnant women.

Causes of dental pain during pregnancy


The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, all thanks to the ever changing hormones. Estrogen and progesterone are responsible for not just symptoms like vomiting and nausea, they also make you vulnerable to dental problems.

The delicate dance of hormones, reduces your body’s defences against dental plaque. This gives dental plaque a free regime to entrench itself and cause maximum damage to your teeth and gums. This causes formation of tartar, pain and in severe cases even loosening of teeth.

The same hormonal changes are also responsible for gum diseases like gingivitis during pregnancy. Symptoms of gingivitis like bleeding gums, red, swollen gums along with dull pain are seen. Ignoring them for a long time can turn gingivitis into serious conditions like periodontitis.

Morning sickness, causes vomiting of food along with stomach acids. These acids are strong and melt away the outer surface of your teeth. This causes tooth sensitivity and even pain.

Treatment options for dental pain during pregnancy


First and foremost visit your dentist. They are best equipped to handle all of your dental problems well and give you long-lasting results. Most dental treatments can be safely done during pregnancy with the right precautions. 

If you can’t reach your dentist, you can always try simple home remedies like chewing a piece of clove or using clove oil. Garlic also works just like clove and can provide relief from dental pain. Warm salt water rinses will help soothe gums and reduce oral bacteria.

Dos and don’ts if you’re experiencing pain

  • Don’t just pop a pain killer even if you’re experiencing severe dental pain. Some medications may cause side effects and directly affect the baby.
  • Don’t place hot or cold packs if you are having any kind of swelling and immediately visit the dentist.
  • Do not apply excessive clove oil for relief. Apply only a minimal of 1-2 drops.
  • Avoid eating hot and hard consistency foods.
  • Do not apply any gels or intraoral ointments before asking your dentist.
  • Last but not the least don’t ignore or suffer the pain. Your dentist will guide you and help you get rid of your sufferings. Make sure you carry all your reports while visiting your dentist.


  • Dental pain during pregnancy can be stressful for both mother as well as the baby. Hence it is very important to get a pre-pregnancy dental checkup.
  • 2nd trimester is safe for dental treatments provided utmost care and precautions need to be taken by both, patient and dentist.
  • High doses of medications to get immediately relief cannot be given during pregnancy.
  • Tele consult your dentist about the kind of pain you are experiencing. The dentist will prescribe you with safe medications during this time.
  • Do not pop your regular pain killers during this time.
  • Hormonal changes during this time can also attract more plaque and tar tar buildup leading to tooth cavities and gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Swollen gums during pregnancy is common and one should practice oral hygiene measures to reduce the severity of gingivitis and periodontitis during these times.
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