Benefits of gum massage – avoid tooth extraction

You may have heard of body massage, head massage, foot massage, and so on. But gum massage? It may sound weird to you as most people are unaware of the concept of gum massage and its benefits. There are so many of us who hate going to the dentist, don’t we? Especially for dental procedures when your tooth needs to be extracted.

Our fear of visiting the dentist (dental phobia) is not actually that irrational, considering what happens in a dental clinic. In such scenarios, we all would want to take some preventive measures that could help us save us from being in such situations where we would need a tooth extraction. What if we told you a simple daily habit of massaging your gums could do that? Let’s find out how

Gum diseases to cause tooth extraction

woman with Gum diseases to cause tooth extraction

Gum diseases are a common cause of tooth extraction. They can be treated, but in some cases, they can lead to tooth loss.

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure in which a dentist removes teeth from the patient’s mouth. The dentist will remove either a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on what is necessary for your oral health. In some cases, gum diseases may lead to tooth extraction. This can occur if:

  • You have poor oral hygiene and don’t practice good habits like brushing and flossing regularly – This can result in periodontitis and gingivitis, which can cause inflammation of the gums and bone loss around the teeth that make it difficult to keep them in place.
  • Your gums have become swollen and puffy due to poor oral hygiene or other factors – This can make it difficult for them to stay attached to the teeth, they are supposed to support because they lack healthy tissue underneath them that would otherwise help hold them in place. As a result, your teeth may become loose and require removal.

What is gum massage?

Gum massage is a process of cleaning and stimulating the gums to improve their strength. If done regularly, it can help maintain the health of teeth and nearby tissues. Massaging the gums increases the blood circulation in the tissues, encouraging more blood flow.

The mechanical cleaning action removes the toxins and bacteria that are caught between the teeth and underneath the gums. Gum massage can also be used to remove plaque build-up from the spaces between your gum and teeth.

How to massage your gums? It can simply be done by wetting your fingers with water (or saliva) and rubbing them gently on your gums in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. The process is similar to brushing your teeth only instead of using a toothbrush you’re using your fingers on your gums.

You don’t need any special tools to do this; just use your own hands! However, if you’re worried about cleanliness, or unable to massage them you can opt for gum stimulators available in the markets. It’s best to do this daily after brushing your teeth, but before eating anything. You can also choose to do it multiple times per day if desired.

Benefits of gum massage

woman showing benefits of gum massage

Massaging your gums not only helps improve your gum health, but also prevents future gum infections. Here are some benefits of gum massage—

  • Getting rid of toxins
  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better healing of gum tissues
  • Encourages oxygen to damaged gum tissues
  • Stimulates growth of gums and prevents receding gums

Gum massage to reduce plaque

Gum massage to reduce plaque

Gums are the foundation for your teeth. They are like strong pillars that hold your teeth in place. When gums start receding, it’s a sign of gum disease (happening in most of the adults) which can result in the loosening of teeth and ultimately tooth loss. The main reason for unhealthy gums and receded gums is plaque accumulation.

When plaque accumulates, they start to calcify or harden into tartar and if not removed, it infects the gum tissues causing gum recession. Massaging with fingers mechanically loosens the plaque colonies attached on the tooth surface and removes the plaque.

If this is done regularly, there would be no pockets formed, no loss of gum attachment. Since massaging your gums helps you prevent its adherence along the gum line, gums remain healthy. The gums do not lose their attachment to the tooth and do not recede down.

Gum massage to heal gum tissue

Gum massage is beneficial for the overall health of the gums. It helps to heal the gum tissues and makes them stronger. The massage also increases blood circulation, which brings necessary nutrients and oxygen to your gums. Increased blood flow naturally helps the gum tissues to reverse gum diseases too.

You can use edible oils to massage your gums, or gum astringents as prescribed by your dentist. If you think home remedies work best for you, you can try massaging your gums with a mixture of ghee, turmeric, and honey.

Reduction in bacterial growth

There are certain bacteria in the mouth that are known to cause gum disease. Some of these bacteria include Streptococcus mutans, Porphyromonas gingivalis, and Prevotella intermedia. These bacteria are mostly present in the plaque and linger around the tooth surface near your gums.

Studies show that gum massage can reduce the number of these bacteria in the mouth. This is especially true for S mutans, which are responsible for most cases of gum disease including gingivitis and periodontitis.

This reduction in bacterial growth happens due to a reduction in plaque levels. This helps keep your gums healthy as well.

Gum massage to prevent tooth extraction chances

Gum massaging causes a reduction in bacteria levels in the mouth. This keeps your gums healthy too. There are negligible amounts of bacteria and plaque. There are no gum irritations due to low levels of plaque. Massaging your gums also improves blood circulation. This way your teeth stay tight and remain strong to bear the chewing forces. This paves way for healthy gums and helps you avoid tooth extractions.

The bottom line

Gum massage done once daily can improve gum health and reduce the chances of loose teeth and prevent them from getting extracted in the future.


  • Most people are not aware of the concept of massaging their gums
  • Massaging your gums has a lot of proven benefits and keeps your gums healthy by removing plaque and improving blood circulation.
  • Healthy gums make way for good gum support and prevent loose teeth.
  • This thus prevents the teeth from needing an extraction in the future.
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