Written by Dr. Krupa Patil

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Written by Dr. Krupa Patil

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Brushing your teeth twice daily is just not enough to maintain your oral hygiene, since the bristles of the brush may not reach the tight spaces between your teeth. Along with brushing flossing is equally important. Now many may think why floss when all is well? But, not flossing may cost you future cavities. If a person doesn’t floss, he is on the wrong road of oral hygiene. Between the teeth are the prime spots where the plaque can accumulate and then lead to calculus formation over time, which can lead to premature loss of natural teeth.

Even though you do floss every day, doing it in a hurry won’t do good to you as it will be equal to not flossing. This is the very reason why many people usually avoid flossing. When the procedure of flossing is correctly followed, it can help to prevent further alternatives that can take place in the oral cavity like gingivitis i.e., inflammation of the gums (swelling of gums), periodontitis(infections of the gums and the underlying bone), loosening of teeth etc. Flossing should be done with plenty of time in hand, but the question that actually arises and causes a dilemma between the floss users is “when is the right time to floss? Morning or night?” Half of the population prefer flossing in the morning while the other half prefer flossing in the night itself.

Night time- Best time

Throughout the day we are always munching something thereby keeping our oral cavity busy. It is recommended that after every meal one should gargle properly and if possible, just run a finger over the surface of the tooth surfaces, if the time permits for the individual, then flossing can also be done to prevent plaque accumulation between the teeth. In order to keep the oral cavity at its utmost best, flossing can be done in the night before one goes to bed, because this is time when we do not consume food.

night flossing

The morning hustle

The morning hustle restricts people to using only a toothbrush and a toothpaste to maintain their oral hygiene. Flossing is usually not on the to-do list for many. During the night, each individual can brush and floss according to their time duration and pace that they are comfortable with. Cleaning between the teeth, prevents damage to the gums and surrounding tooth structure, thereby giving the best oral health possible. The time duration since the individual sleeps to the time he wakes up and consumes something is longer than compared during the day. By flossing at night also helps the fluoride in the toothpaste to reach the interdental areas effectively thereby demineralizing the spaces between the teeth.

Studies conducted have said that it’s better to floss at night as the level of saliva production goes down in the night thereby increasing the tendency of cavity preparation after some time interval, therefore flossing at night had turned to be beneficial for the user as it helps to reduce the bacterial count between the teeth

morning flossing

Flossing is now easy

Many of us find it difficult or a hassle to floss daily. But thanks to floss picks and water flossers that will make your life more easy and convenient. Floss picks are easy to use and disposable flosses that you can carry anywhere like a toothpick. Water jet flossers are water flossers that throw water at a high speed, flushing out the bacteria and food particles between the teeth(Top Water Flosser). Different types of flosses are available in different flavors and they also differ in their convenience levels. The new emerging expanding flosses clean the areas between the teeth more efficiently in comparison to the traditional floss threads.

water flosser

Flossing is highly recommended once daily as this helps to bring down the bacterial count in the oral cavity overall. On the other hand, one doesn’t need a lot of things around him while flossing. It can be done with just a flosser and mirror Infront of you. It can be done at any place at any time, most suitable night time.

No more second thoughts about flossing

Flossing is not an option. They say floss your teeth only the ones you want to keep. With the right technique and proper flossing material you can ace the dental hygiene routine. Night-time flossing is beneficial for everyone as they have ample amount of time at their hand for the proper care of their oral hygiene. People who follow the proper regime of oral hygiene have a better future scenario for their oral health as they age. 



  • Night time flossing anytime better than flossing in the morning
  • Plenty of time available for flossing in the night
  • Bacteria build up and calculus formation reduced
  • After bed time there is no consumption of food
  • Night time and morning flossing helps reduced plaque growth, which in turn helps the toothpaste to reach interdental spaces

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Author Bio: Krupa Patil is currently working as an intern in School of Dental Sciences, KIMSDU, Karad. She has been nominated for the Pierre Fauchard Award from School of Dental Sciences. She has one article published in a journal which is PubMed indexed and currently working on one patent and two design patents. 4 copyrights are also present under name. She has a hobby of reading, writing about different aspects of dentistry and is a vivid traveler. She continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and latest technology is being considered or used.

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