Top 5 Dental Floss brands

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Are you confused about which floss to buy?

Here are the top 5 dental floss brands easily available in the market at medical stores and are also available online.


The Colgate floss is the traditional flosses which are flat ribbon-like flosses. These are shred resistant and coated with wax to assist in good plaque removal. It is wax coated to ensure the sliding of the floss easily between teeth without tearing or breaking. This floss is the most preferred as it is comfortable to use.

Oral B

Traditional floss thread

This is also a flat ribbon-like waxed floss ensuring good cleaning between the teeth. Oral -B floss is available in the normal as well as mint flavoured flosses. The mint flovoured floss is more preferred by patients since flossing at times can cause bad breath and the mint flavour promotes freshness. The mint flavour can also motivate young children who do not floss on a regular basis to floss daily.

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Floss

Oral B Guide- top dental floss
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This floss combines the benefit of comfort along with excellent cleaning power to effectively remove plaque. It efficiently cleans between two teeth and just below the gum line.

-Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces between two teeth. However one must not force the floss as it may cause bleeding.
– Comfort Plus technology is extra soft and extremely gentle on gums.
– This gently stimulates gums and helps prevent gum infections.
– The Oral-B floss also provides a minty clean feeling every time you floss leaving you refreshed throughout the day.
– It is strong and shreds resistant ie. it does not break with a light coating of natural wax for improved grip.

ORAL B floss picks/ Flossettes

Oral B complete care floss picks are small plastic tools that hold a piece of dental floss. These are disposable and need to be thrown away after a single-use. Flossettes usually are easy and convenient to carry throughout the day and can be used anytime anywhere. They are also available in mint flavours to enhance fresh breath. The pick point tapers to a better point for getting into tight spaces. These are very durable and don’t break while using.


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These flosses are available as Flossettes or what we call as floss picks. It is made from the highest quality floss to deliver the most effective dental cleaning with its comfortable design. It also has 3-4 serrations for a better grip to hold and avoid slipping of the floss pick.

Younifloss cleans in between the teeth and stimulates the gums. Regular flossing with Younifloss helps to reduce the chances of plaque buildup as well as the risk of gum infections.

Benefits of using YOUnifloss

– Makes flossing easier than ever before
– Cleans between your teeth
– Prevents the risk of painful gum disease
– Helps you maintain healthy teeth and prevent plaque
– Reduces the cause of gum disease and tooth decay


Image Source: Icpahealth

Thermoseal flosses are available only in the traditional floss variety.
These flosses contain essential oils or enzymes which makes the floss more effective at removing plaque. They claim the Thermoseal range of toothbrushes perfectly complements the floss to provide you with comprehensive dental hygiene.

Dentek floss

This floss if of the imported type available in India at reasonable prices. The Dentek variety is available in both traditional thread floss as well as the floss pick variety.

Dentek Floss threads

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DenTek Floss Threaders are designed to use on a daily basis. The simple looped floss holder can be paired with any rolled floss. DenTek Floss Threaders makes it very easy to floss around any oral devices including braces, bridges, and implants. The flexible tip easily slides into small spaces in a snap.


-Makes flossing around braces easy
-Simple loop fits any type of floss
-It has a flexible tip that inserts into small spaces in a snap
-The case keeps threaders organized and clean
-Easier to clean around bridges, braces, and implants

Dentek floss picks with fluoride coating

The Dentek brand of floss features the silky floss to remove food and plaque without irritating the gums.  


  • Silky Tape Floss fits snugly to the tooth surface to remove food and plaque that are stuck in between the teeth.
  • Textured pick deep cleans between teeth and stimulates the gums giving a massaging effect.
  • Tongue cleaner also helps fight bad breath
  • Flosser’s minty flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh
  • This floss also has a fluoride coating(fluoride prevents cavities). DenTek Comfort Clean Floss picks are also available in Easy Reach to easily reach back teeth.     Other brands available STIM FLOSSER, GUBB USA dental floss pick, XIMI VOGUE flosser 2 in1 with a tongue cleaner, Watson’s floss picks, Waterpik (Water Jet floss)    
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