Brushing your teeth the right way

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 2, 2024

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 2, 2024

Right brushing techniqueDo you keep wondering why are you facing dental problems even though you are brushing twice and brushing properly? That might be because you are not using the right brushing technique. The right brushing technique should be taught to people right from their childhood. Children should get into the habit of brushing correctly as that is the age when they are more prone to developing cavities. There is no age to learn the right brushing technique.

How to brush, using the right brushing technique?

After you have made sure you have picked the right toothbrush for yourself it is very important to learn the right technique to brush your teeth. It is so important to brush for 2 minutes twice a day.  So you might be wondering what’s with the right brushing technique. Right brushing technique
  • Place your brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums to keep some of the bristles on the tooth and a few on the gums.
  • Move the brush gently with small back and forth strokes and also in sweeping motions by pulling the toothbrush in a downward direction. This technique helps to clean the plaque and bacteria present near the gum line in the space between your gums and the teeth.
  • Make sure you also clean the inner surfaces and outer surfaces of the tooth. To clean the inside surfaces of the back teeth, place your toothbrush like this and move in short in and out strokes.
  • Make sure your brush reaches the very last tooth behind.
  • To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth do the same.
  • You can also place the toothbrush vertically and make up and down strokes.
  • Also, do not brush in a horizontal manner this might be harmful to your teeth as well as the gums.
  • Try brushing in small circular strokes to clean the front surfaces of the front teeth. Along with brushing twice, flossing and tongue cleaning should be practiced to maintain good dental health. Night time brushing is equally important to get rid of bad breath when you wake up the next morning.

What happens if you brush horizontally or haphazard?

Brushing anyhow can damage your teeth as well as the gums. Your gums are very delicate and the slightest amount of pressure in the wrong direction can cause tearing of gums and bleeding. Brushing in circular patterns is also the most effective way of brushing your teeth as it moves the bristles both in horizontal as well as vertical motions. This removes all the food particles and debris from your teeth.

The importance of Brushing your teeth in the morning

After your 8 hours of sleep, the microorganisms present in the mouth get enough time to harbour in the oral environment. When you wake up the next morning there is a lot of plaque and bacteria which needs to be removed. This plaque and bacteria that reside in the mouth are the root cause of tooth decay. Also brushing in the morning gives you a feeling of refreshment and helps you get rid of the bad breath.

Importance of brushing at night

Night-time brushing is extremely important as people tend to keep on eating during the day. The food particles and debris get stuck on our teeth. If you sleep without brushing the microorganisms present in the mouth ferment the food that is left behind. The residual food in the mouth starts rotting. These acids released from the microorganisms dissolve the tooth structure and cause cavities. Also, the fluoride content in the toothpaste gets more time to act on the tooth preventing tooth decay.

Hence, both morning and night-time brushing both are important and should be practiced without any laziness. Remember your teeth are more valuable than diamonds so keep them healthy.

Nothing can replace your toothbrush

The mechanical action of the toothbrush effectively cleans all the plaque, debris and the food particles that are stuck on the tooth surfaces. Using a toothpaste alone or replacing a toothbrush with mouthwash is not going to effective in removing the plaque and bacteria.  It is very important to pick the right toothbrush for yourself and using the right technique to brush your teeth for good dental health.


1) Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months and after every time you recover from cold and cough.

2) Brush your teeth gently and do not apply excessive pressure while brushing your teeth. Check for fraying of the bristles of your toothbrush.

3) Make sure the brush head is not very big to fit in your mouth.

4) Brush your teeth 2×2 times. That is brushing your teeth for 2 minutes 2 times a day.

5) Try using a medium-soft bristled toothbrush.

6) Along with brushing twice, flossing daily and using a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue is a must for good dental hygiene.”


  • Brushing your teeth is important, but what is more important is the technique used to brush your teeth.
  • Using the right technique to brush your teeth will only help protect your enamel of your tooth, thus preventing dental problems like sensitivity and cavities.
  • Brushing your teeth both in the morning as well as at night is the key to maintain your oral hygiene.
  • Nothing can replace your toothbrush. Tooth powders or your fingers are not a substitute for your toothbrush.
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Author Bio: Dr. Amrita Jain is a practicing dental surgeon since 4 years. She completed her B.D.S in 2016 and was has been a rank holder throughout her course. She suggests “Holistic dentistry is the best dentistry”. Her treatment line follows a conservative pattern which means saving a tooth is of utmost priority and preventing your teeth from getting decayed rather than curing it with a root canal treatment. She inculcates the same while consulting her patients. Apart from her interest in clinical practice, she has developed interest in research and writing over a period of time. She states “It is my clinical experience that motivates me to write and spread dental awareness”. Her articles are well researched with a combination of technical knowledge and clinical experience.

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