Reasons for cost variation in dental implants

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Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Teeth replacement was never so easy and comfortable as it is now. Due to drastic and continuous research and innovation in the field of dentistry, teeth replacement has become much more effortless these days. There are a plethora of options available to replace the missing tooth which can be best suited to the patient’s requirement.

But what makes a true difference is an option that closely resembles a natural tooth. Well, then a dental implant is the closest and only option available! But for some people, dental implants still feel like a distant dream owing to the cost as compared to the other options. Let’s get an overview of why there is a cost difference in different types of dental implants!

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Let’s evaluate the cost of a dental implant

The dental implant as a whole entity is composed of the post or screw which is fixed in the bone, a cap that is fixed on top of that post, and an abutment that connects the post to the cap. The post or screw is generally made up of titanium material. But because of the continuous innovations, these screws are made up of ‘zirconia’ material which is more esthetic and has additional benefits too.

Thus, the cost varies according to the material of the post or screw. Another cost difference is due to the type of cap which is placed on the screw. There are many options available like ceramic or metal-free caps and hence the cost of caps also varies. Therefore, there is a huge difference in the cost of dental implants according to the type of material used in the fabrication of the whole assembly called ‘dental implant.’

Few patients need some additional preparations

Not all patients are proactive as far as dental treatments are concerned. And teeth replacement is always last on the list. Owing to the advances in dental surgical procedures, it is possible to immediately replace a tooth at the time of natural tooth removal if all the conditions are favorable. That means same-day extraction same-day implants. But there are many instances where patients delay the teeth replacement treatment due to which the jaw bone undergoes lot of bone mass loss.

Thus, in order to place a dental implant certain additional procedures like bone grafting are required to make the implant more stable and firm. This incurs additional charges in the total cost of the implant. These additional preparations are not required in all patients but only a few where the jaw bone is really weak and deficient.

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The cost of dental implant differs according to the company

It’s a proven fact that the cost of the same product differs according to the company which manufactures the same product. The same applies in the case of dental implants too. There are certain premium companies manufacturing dental implants like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Ossteum. These companies put in years and years of research and hard work to manufacture the best dental implants for the patients and make them convenient for dentists too. And the results are evident in patients’ mouths where the implants are firmly rooted in the mouth for ages. That’s the quality these companies render. Hence, the cost is according to the quality service offered nothing else.

Other than that, there are certain budding companies manufacturing dental implants but their cost is relatively low. Naturally, there is a cost difference. The cost of the dental implant may also vary according to the size and type of the implant used. It is up to the Dentist to decide the best suitable option for patients. Thus, the patients should make a note that if their Dentists decide to place an implant of a premium company, the return on their investment is totally worth it.

Cost difference according to the treatment requirement

The number of implants required is decided by the number of missing teeth, the number of teeth present, overall hygiene of the oral cavity, and patient’s general health. A single missing tooth requires a single implant and is the single best option too. Single implants are pretty straightforward cases and have high success rates.

On the contrary, multiple missing teeth require meticulous planning. For instance, in the case of 6 or say 4 missing natural teeth, the number on implants required may be only 3 or 2. A bridge fabricated over these implants then serves the function. In such cases, the cost is calculated according to the number of implants and the cost of the bridge over it.

People with zero teeth is a totally different story altogether! In completely edentulous patients, the number of implants required varies according to the health of jaw bone. Based on which according to the patient’s preference either a fixed bridge or a denture is fabricated. Thus, the cost of a single implant will be different than the cost of multiple implants or patient’s with absolutely no teeth.

Dental Implants Treatment Procedure. Medically accurate 3D illus

A generalized overview on why the cost difference in implants.

‘Why does the cost of dental implants vary so much and are different in different clinics doctor?’ or ‘what is the average cost of implants?’ or ‘what is a reasonable price for dental implants?’ These are the nagging questions every patient has for his or her Dentist. But the fact is, there is no standard price range for dental implants like the other dental treatments. The reason being every patient presents with different clinical and radiological presentations. And hence, the treatment plan is according to the presentations.

It’s a surgical procedure after all and the Dental Surgeon has full rights to charge according to his or her experience and expertise, but yes up to a certain limit. Also, dental implants are not a single-day procedure but extend over a period of 2-6 months. Therefore, bearing in mind all these factors and the above considerations it is obvious that the cost of a dental implant will be different at different places. But, in view of the long-lasting results, the investments made in dental implants are totally worth!


  • Dental implants is the ideal and long-lasting solution for replacing missing natural teeth.
  • Dental implants have 80-90% success rate and hence placing an implant is totally worth every penny.
  • Some people may find dental implants expensive but its equally important to replace your missing tooth as early as possible. Companies like DentalDost also provide EMI options for those who cannot afford heavy dental bills.
  • The cost of dental implant also differs according to the company or brand of the implant.
  • Every patient has different set of requirements and hence the cost of implant varies according to the patient requirement.
  • The cost of dental implants in India is still far less than compared to that in other countries.
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Author Bio: Dr Priyanka Bansode has completed her BDS from the prestigious Nair Hospital & Dental College, Mumbai. She has also completed her Post Graduate Fellowship in Microdentistry from Government Dental College, Mumbai and a Post Graduate Dip. In Forensic Science & Related Laws from Mumbai University. Dr Priyanka has a vast and a diverse experience of 11 years in clinical dentistry and has maintained her private practice of 7 years in Pune. She is keenly involved in community oral health and has been part of various diagnostic dental camps, attended several National & State Dental conferences and is an active member of many social organisations. Dr Priyanka was awarded the ‘Swayam siddha Puraskar’ by the Lion’s Club, Pune in 2018 on the eve of International Women’s Day. She believes in creating an awareness on oral health through her blogs.

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