Protecting your child from the new omicron variant

little-boy-warm-clothing-wearing-anti-virus-mask-Protecting your child from the new omicron variant

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

The SARS-CoV-2 is a global pandemic caused by coronavirus affecting all sectors of life. It hit the country in March 2020 and since then the whole scenario has changed. While we were just getting out of terror of the last two waves which affected us badly, a new variant has come in vision which is again creating fear of infection and lockdown in the entire country. The new omicron variant has been declared a variant of concern by the World Health Organization. This variant is definitely the most contagious one but not as deadly as the previous two variants. This means it’s definitely spreading fast but not as serious as the delta variants.

The mutations identified in Omicron provide theoretical concerns that the variant could be more transmissible than the Delta variant and have reduced sensitivity to antibody activity induced by past infection or vaccines. As per data obtained in the last two days cases with this virus are suspected in India to now. So it’s time again we start being alert and follow our basic hygiene and sanitization protocols giving in our 100%.

The concern arises mainly for people of two categories

Since researchers are still busy finding more information about the variant, two categories of the population still remain at higher risk. People who had been already infected with Covid, as they have weakened immunity and younger age group below 18 years of age as they are still not vaccinated in India. This is the very reason why parents need to take extra precautions for their children to protect them from the new omicron variant.

In order to reduce the spread of the virus, routine dental treatments were suspended in many countries across the globe, causing significant disruption to the provision of oral health services since the beginning of the pandemic. But that’s not the case now. We can’t just delay dental emergencies as all are aware of the pain and trouble a patient has to go through if not treated at the correct time.

So what are the lessons we have learnt from the last two waves?

Oral health is of utmost importance for your overall well-being. Oral health is directly linked to your general health. Like in adults gum diseases if present, increase the risk of diabetes, the same is for children too. Poor oral hygiene and decayed teeth mean they will naturally end up hampering the chewing efficiency and improper digestion resulting in poor nutrition. This eventually leads to poor immunity making them prone to getting affected by this new variant.

carefully-mother-discussing-healthcare-treatment-against-kid-disease-Dental hygiene tips to protect your child from the risk of this variant

What can be done in case of any Dental emergency?

Firstly please don’t panic. Pediatric dentists are now fully equipped and have the sound knowledge to deal with this Covid scenario now. In case of any emergency, you can contact the scanO (formerly DentalDost) helpline where expert dentists will immediately connect you with a Pediatric Dentist near your locality and the whole treatment plan will be explained to you to get your child treated at the earliest.

Dental hygiene tips to protect your child from the risk of this variant

  • Tele consult with DentalDost dentists to know about the home remedies for your children in case you are unable to step out.
  • Make a habit to brush your child’s teeth daily twice using fluoridated tooth paste and a soft toothbrush.
  • Have a nutritious and balanced diet with more of veggies and fruits.
  • Avoid in between snacking and sticky, sugary food which makes your kid prone to decay
  • Get your kids into the habit of swishing their mouth after every meal.
  • Avoid milk habit at night if your kids don’t brush properly at night.
  • Keep a check on your kid’s teeth to see for any black spots, swelling or yellow stains.
  • Visit your Pediatric Dentist stress free as pediatric dentists are very much well prepared to treat your kids during the third wave.
  • In the current scenario where everyone is a victim of covid phobia and scared to take their kids to visit a doctor especially dentists one need not worry about it at all. Dentists have you and your child cover

Being free from covid phobia

In the current scenario where everyone is scared to take their kids to a dentist is understandable. But pediatric dentists are strictly following all the necessary sanitization protocols for you and your child and provide the best treatment even in these circumstances. The whole scenario of treating kids has changed now.

Pre-appointment communication is done with parents now before child’s first dental visit as it alleviates parent’s anxiety and makes child comfortable. Along with this video communication or leaflets can be used to make child comfortable. Along with this covid appropriate behaviour like wearing mask, social distancing, hand hygiene and dental hygiene has become mandatory now.

When will be children vaccinated for Covid?

More evidence is needed on use of different COVID – 19 vaccine in children to make general recommendations for everyone as it’s in process and still update is required for the same. Also according to recent update vaccine will be soon given to children ages 12-15 years taking us 1 more step ahead in our vaccination drive

So meanwhile we can follow these small footsteps mentioned above and maintain good oral hygiene for kids. If you oral hygiene is bad, the bacterial load increases in mouth making your diet poor and weakening your immunity which makes you prone to these viruses. So let’s make a change in our daily oral hygiene practice to have overall good health. scanO(formerly DentalDost) helpline is always available for you to as your doubts or ask for any dental help.


  • Emergence of new variant of Covid – 19, the omicron, has proved that battle with Covid is still present
  • Following basic protocols of oral hygiene and hand sanitization is must to maintain overall well being
  • Children have to be taken care of and looked by parents as still vaccination for children has not started
  • According to CDC no data has been found yet to indicate transmission of Sars – cov 2 in dental practice but still we have to be prepared
  • Contact scanO(formerly DentalDost) helpline for any help regarding your dental problems
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Author Bio: (Pediatric Dentist) practicing in Mumbai. I have done my graduation from Sinhgad Dental College, Pune and Masters in Pediatric Dentistry from KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi. I have a clinical experience of 8 years and have been practicing in Pune and since last year in Mumbai too. I have my own clinic in Borivali (W) and I also visit various clinic in Mumbai as a consultant. I am involved in numerous community health service, have organized dental camps for children, attended several National and International conferences and awarded for various research work in Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric Dentistry is my passion as I feel every child is special and needs a holistic approach for his well-being and maintain a good oral hygiene.

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