Health for All : This World Health Day, let’s pledge for a better health

Last updated Aug 17, 2023

Last updated Aug 17, 2023

World Health Day Pledge

Pledge better health for all

7th of April is celebrated as World Health Day. Health is the most crucial and sensitive topic, whether it be developing countries or undeveloped countries.

World Health Organisation (WHO) established World Health Day as an initiative to create awareness about their health worldwide. WHO goals to help people to know about good practices to live an undiseased life.

About World Health Day

The WHO was established on the principle that all people should realize their right to maintain good health. WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable masses.

The aim of World Health Day 

1] Promote the development

By promoting development, poverty falls and overall health of the population improves. Poverty is the culprit for poor health and malnutrition.

2] Foster health security

It is the need to develop health security by reducing the risks form outbreaks of new, existing and mutating diseases.

3] Strengthens health systems

Health systems in the poor country are inadequate. WHO aims to provide and strengthen the health systems through various measures like funding, access to drugs and provide the latest facilities to remote locations.

What is Universal Health Coverage?

Universal Health coverage is a health care system that provides health care and financial protection to all the citizens of a particular country or region.

It is basically organized around providing benefits to people with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improve health services access and improve health outcomes.

WHO ensures that people should have universal health coverage, to protect from health emergencies, and provide with better health and well-being.

Throughout 2018, WHO aimed to inspire, motivate and guide Universal health coverage stakeholders to make commitments.

The theme for World Health Day is Universal Health coverage, everyone, everywhere.

The universal health coverage statistics

50% of people are currently unable to obtain essential health services globally.

Almost 100 million people are being pushed to extreme poverty and forced to survive in $1.90 per day or even less.

Over 800 million people spend at least 10 percent of their income on health expenses for themselves, a sick child or other family members.

How to get involved in World Health Day

  1. Every individual can use their voice to demand good health services and financial facilities.
  2. Professional associations protect the welfare of the workforce.
  3. Media can increase understanding of universal health coverage as well as transparency and accountability.
  4. Media can create platforms like interviews, talk shows for dialogue between beneficiaries, communities, their representatives and policymakers.
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