All you need to know about National safe Motherhood day

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

April 11 is the National Safe Motherhood Day. This day is celebrated every year to create awareness to provide proper medical facilities for pregnant and lactating women.

This is an initiative of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, India. WRAI ensures that every woman has access to healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal service.

Every woman has a right to get proper treatment during her pregnancy period. Dental treatments, too,  should be considered.

This National Safe Motherhood Day let us know about dental concerns a pregnant woman can face and how to deal with it.

Dental concerns during pregnancy


A pregnant woman has to undergo a number of hardships both physically and mentally. Vomiting, nausea, acid reflux, mood swings, and unusual cravings. Every to-be mother has experienced all these conditions.

Pregnant women, however, may face some dental problems as well. These are a few dental problems which are common but can increase their intensity during pregnancy.


The severity of gingivitis normally increases during the second trimester of pregnancy. A pregnant woman, no doubt, faces a lot of hormonal changes. Such changes also affect the body’s normal response to bacteria which can cause periodontal disease.

Pregnancy gingivitis is usually caused by the hormonal imbalance that increases the blood flow to the gums and causes sensitivity, irritability, and swelling.

Loose teeth

Due to an increase in the levels of progesterone and estrogen, the imbalanced hormones may affect the ligaments and bone which support the teeth. Hampering of a periodontal ligament causes increased tooth movement.

Pregnant women usually suffer from acid reflux. Constant burping may release acidic particles in the mouth which react with the tooth enamel making the tooth brittle as well.

Pregnancy oral tumor

This type of tumor is different from the cancerous tumor. The increased progesterone combines with irritants in the mouth along with bacteria.

This causes lesions in a mouth forming a lump or node formation. Pregnancy tumors are most common after the first trimester, and they grow rapidly and reduce or even disappear after delivery.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay usually occurs in pregnant women when acids in the mouth affect the tooth enamel. Food cravings for sweets during pregnancy contribute to tooth decay as well.

Dental care during pregnancy

pregnant woman washing vegetable on basin

Hygiene is a must

It is considered that a pregnant woman craves sugary or tempting foods. But maintaining proper hygiene is a must for the health of the mother and the baby. Brush your teeth twice a day and don’t forget to rinse your mouth after vomiting episodes.

Limit your sweet tooth

A pregnant woman does crave sugary foods and it is completely normal. But, overeating such foods can cause a number of dental issues and further complications. So, limit the consumption of such foods and eat them only if you are truly craving and not binge on them.

Make your dentist a friend

A dental checkup from your initial stage of pregnancy is the key to a healthy life for you and your child. So, book your dental appointments at regular intervals.

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