Is your most valuable asset secured?

Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Last updated Apr 16, 2024

A medical emergency can strike anyone. So, you should secure your most valuable asset, Health. Paying the expensive hospital bills, doctors charges and costly medicines may burn your savings and leave you with nothing. So, why not make your health secured by investing a minimal amount every day and live your life without worrying.

This World Health Day, ensure your health with a great plan and focus on speedy recovery instead of worrying about the hospital expenses in case of medical emergencies.

Benefits of having a health insurance

Go cashless

The health insurance companies provide a cashless claim facility. The company arranges all the medical expenses and doesn’t pinch your pocket. In order to benefit this facility, you must get admitted to the hospital which has the insurance company network. By filling a single form you can get your all medical expenses cashless.

Coverage from critical illness

Critical illness isn’t in anybody’s hands. Hospital charges, medicines or even operation theatre expenses make a huge hole in the pocket. But, health insurance takes care of all your illnesses. Some companies include facilities in three stages.

  1. Pre-hospitalization: Medical check-up, diagnostics, and medicines.
  2. Hospitalization: Ambulance, hospital admission, surgery if needed, hospital expenses and medicines.
  3. Post-Hospitalization: Doctor’s follow-up, medicines, and rehab or recovery charges.

Tax Benefits

Last month was the financial year ending and all must have been rushed to find the income tax deductions. Now for the financial year 2020, you can plan for more tax benefits.

Under Section 80D of the income tax act 1961, you can get tax benefits up to Rs. 25000 on health insurance. The Tax benefits on health insurance premium for yourself, your spouse and dependent children and 25000 for parents.

If either of your parents is above 60 years, you can get tax benefit up to Rs. 50000.

So, your health insurance will not only secure the health of your family but also your income tax will be reduced significantly.


A medical emergency is a very serious topic everyone should know but most of people ignore it. Health insurance can also give an accident cover depending on the sum assured plan you have selected.

Less investment and more benefit

There are a number of health insurance companies that provide the least premium plans every year and give a huge amount of coverage.

Investing 14-15 bucks per day for your health is a very good investment and you will eventually realize the benefit of it.

Who is eligible for health insurance?

Anybody below 65 years of age is eligible to have health insurance. If the applicant is above 45 years of age, he/she has to undergo some medical check-up to secure the most valuable asset. 

Applicants below 45 years of age can directly apply without going under medical check-up.

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  1. Dr Hemant kandekar

    What about dental insurance in India..are any companies coming forward for it?
    Would like to know if any companies are offering dental that we can pass on the same to our patients.

    • DentalDost

      Few companies do provide dental insurance. We will be covering third-party dental insurance as well as indemnity insurance in our upcoming blogs. Stay connected and updated. Thank you.


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