Meeting someone special? How to be kiss ready?

Meeting someone special - tips for- How to be kiss ready - man and woman smiling

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 22, 2024

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 22, 2024

Going out? Seeing someone? Anticipating a special moment? Well, you got to be prepared for that magical moment when the love of your life might kiss you!

Yes, if you’ve got your heart set on somebody and a special occasion is expected, you’ll want to be sure your oral hygiene is in tip-top shape so you can enjoy that romantic moment with complete confidence. Not just that, whenever you step out of your home, make sure to be in a state where you don’t have to stand at a feet’s distance from somebody just because you feel that you might have some bad breath.

We’re often so conscious about our smile, breath, teeth when we meet someone special. You want to be at your A-game. Here are a few tips that might help you get that confidence to always be kiss ready.

Tip #1: Brush twice and be wise!


It is important to follow the basic rules of oral hygiene measures to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Brushing at night is as important as during the day. Also, the time and technique of brushing is equally important. Though it sounds cliche to brush twice , what’s more important is to clean your teeth from all sides. Bacteria and food debris left behind to rot, are the sole reason to give you bad breath. One should not brush vigorously as it may damage the enamel and cause sensitivity.

Tip #2: Floss like a boss

women flossing her teeth

Flossing is not a luxury dental practice. It’s a habit one should inculcate in their daily dental care routine. You will only notice the difference in your oral hygiene when you actually start flossing. Flossing removes the debris stuck between the teeth. We already have bacteria in our mouth, but when the bad bacteria overpopulate in our mouth, odors occur and can be difficult to control.

Tip #3: Rinse to cleanse!


Rinsing the mouth is another crucial step in maintaining good oral hygiene. Oral rinses can be helpful also such as the ones containing chlorhexidine which is particularly effective in removing the sulfa odors. It not only gives a fresh feeling but also makes you kiss- ready exactly the way you want to be! As a regular practice, one should habitually rinse his/ her mouth with plain water so as to reduce the amount of time the food is in contact with the teeth. Residual food left in the mouth are the main reasons to give you cavities and bad breath.

Tip #4: Don’t forget the tongue!

You want that bad breath to go away once and for all? Well, you need to start cleaning your tongue. You will notice a reduction in 80% of your bad breath once you start cleaning your tongue every time you brush. Cleansing the tongue with a tongue cleaner/scraper is extremely important as bacteria in the form of food debris accumulate on the surface of the tongue causing a bad odor. So, cleaning the tongue twice a day will help you to be always confident about your breath.

Tip #5: Smoking kills it all


Needless to say, it is one of the worst factors of foul breath. Apart from all the harm, it does to the lungs, mouth and to various other parts of the body, it is a major factor in making you an unpresentable person. So, the best way to take care of your health and breath is to quit smoking and lead a healthy life!

Tip #6: Do keep sugarless chewing gums handy!

That’s right! We often forget how helpful this would be! How keeping just a few sugarless gums might help you be kiss ready anywhere any day! It has a lot of benefits. Chewing gums stimulate the salivary flow in your mouth which helps to eliminate the food debris and the bacteria associated with it. So, carry them all along and enjoy the moment!

You can also get your hands on breath strips. These are pocket-friendly breath strips that are actually mouthwash strips that just melt in your mouth leaving you with an instant fresh breath. People find breath strips to be more effective than regular chewing gums for bad breath.

Tip #7 : Get a quick teeth polishing

You could get yourself quick teeth polishing by a professional dentist, just before you meet your special one. All it takes is 15 minutes to get an instant shine to your teeth. Regular teeth polishing every 2-3 months also helps reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and helps give you good oral hygiene too.

Tip #8: Make some time for your dentist!

happy-woman-lying-dentist-chair-5 new year resolutions to improve your oral health

Here, the above-mentioned tips are to be followed daily. But twice in a year, you may want to pay a visit to your dentist to get the cleaning done most efficiently! We might feel that we have done the best on our part, but sometimes we do miss out on certain things which are important from a professional point of view.

Like, we might not brush with the right technique or the correct type of brush for the right amount of time. So for this, one should get the teeth cleaned by a dentist twice a year.

To sum up, a healthy lifestyle, good oral hygiene measures, regular dental checkup, and teeth cleaning is a must whenever you are stepping out of your home or seeing someone special! Follow the tips mentioned above and find yourself to be kiss-ready!


  • Maintaining good oral hygiene should be a daily practice.
  • One should brush twice a day to get rid of all the food debris.
  • Though flossing is meant to clean the areas between your teeth, it does help in improving bad breath. As it helps getting rid of the bad bacteria causing foul odour.
  • Try breath strips instead of mouthwashes.
  • Don’t skip on cleaning your tongue. Unclean tongue is always the reason of your bad breath.
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