Make these 5 new year resolutions to improve your oral health!


Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Apr 12, 2024


It’s new year time and also time for some new year resolutions! Yes! We all know that new year resolutions last for only a few months. No worries! An attempt made is equal to efforts taken. So, this new year let’s make a resolution for better health. After all, health is wealth! And Covid-19 mania has proved it! Taking care of your oral health is one step towards better general health. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into 7 new year resolutions to improve your oral health!

Get your hands on these 5 vegan oral hygiene products

Switch to vegan oral hygiene products

Veganism is all about sustainable living. And using vegan oral care products is a baby step towards sustainable and mindful living. Even though the regular oral care products are highly effective and are in the market for the longest time we remember. But change is constant! And switching to vegan oral hygiene products is not just a pleasant change but beneficial too. The benefits of natural products are immense so why not reap their benefits for our oral health.

Vegan dental products are 100% natural, free from all the synthetic processed compounds, preservatives, animal derivatives, etc. The ingredients in vegan dental products are not only plant-based but the packaging of these products too is plastic-free. The vegan oral care products not only help to improve the oral health while supporting the mother earth by being eco-friendly. Thus, it’s a dual benefit!

Wise food choices for your oral health

Oftentimes, youngsters and women are more concerned about their diet when it comes to weight loss. But, this new year a resolution to improve oral health via a good diet can be a smart choice. Yes! You heard it right, diet for good oral health. So, new year celebrations itself start with lots of sugary foods, cakes, muffins, carbonated drinks, sodas, etc.

Let’s ditch all of these rights at the outset of the new year and instead choose sugar-free foodstuffs. Pandemic has highlighted the importance of home-cooked food and let’s stick to it for next year too and hopefully for life-long! Whole meals and fiber-rich foods are excellent for dental health as they enhance salivation, help in chewing the food, and aid in digestion. Colas, carbonated drinks, aerated drinks, too much tea or coffee can be easily replaced by green tea or coconut water. Add lots of green leafy vegetables, proteins, and essential nutrients which help to keep the oral infections at bay and enhance repair of oral tissues.


Atomic habits for better oral health

Brushing your teeth is indispensable for basic oral hygiene. But what is even more important is the right technique. Brushing haphazardly just for the sake of it isn’t doing anything good to your teeth. Mindful brushing for at least 2 minutes a day with the Bass method of toothbrushing can be very helpful to improve overall dental health. A brush held at 45 degrees in the mouth with downstrokes is the ideal method to brush teeth known as the Bass technique!

This new years make it a habit to implement the right method of brushing and flossing. There is absolutely no substitute for dental flossing. Daily flossing with the right method eliminates almost 80% of dental problems. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing the right brushing and flossing methods daily from this new year! Another overlooked habit is rinsing after meals. A habit of rinsing after every meal will surely save you from a lot of dental problems in the near future.

Take care of your jaw joint with these exercises

There is enough awareness related to many-body joints especially knee-joint and how to take care of it! But people are hardly concerned about the health of jaw-joint. We use our jaw-joint to the extent one can only imagine! The jaw joint is functioning while eating, talking, not talking or simply sitting in a specific posture! Every time!

Faulty eating habits, a poor diet like very hard and sticky food, constant stress, continuous talking, night grinding, poor habits like nail-biting, etc all contribute to poor jaw joint health. There are simple jaw exercises like placing the tongue on the palate and moving the jaw in different directions. Such exercises help to relax the jaw joint as well as the jaw muscles. However, it is always advised to perform these exercises under the guidance of an expert oral physician.

 Also, quitting harmful habits like nail-biting, clenching of jaw muscles, using teeth to open bottles, loud yawning, lip biting is very important for jaw joint health. A hot or cold compress on the jaw joint to relax the jaw after a long presentation or a tight jaw gives good results. One of the most important yet ignored facts is poor posture. A poor posture can be very detrimental to the jaw joint since the jaw joint is directly connected to the skull. Thus, this new year make sure you are mindful about your jaw joint health and taking care of it too!

happy-woman-lying-dentist-chair-5 new year resolutions to improve your oral health

This new year make oral health a priority!

Oral health is always neglected at times because of non-emergency or many times due to dental phobia. The pandemic has brought dental health into the spotlight. As most of the practices were shut people could not access dental care and hence had to suffer a lot! But not now! This new year make oral health a priority by scheduling all the pending appointments. It is always advised to at least have a dental check-up twice in a year. So that any disease can be treated at the primary level which is mostly non-invasive.

People oftentimes complain of time constraints and avoid their routine check-ups. But we at DentalDost have made getting a dental check-up hassle-free. Now you can simply download the app and get your mouth scanned sitting at your home. The scans are analyzed by a team of expert doctors and qualified dentists will let you know if any treatment is required. With the advent of new technology and expert Dentists taking care of your oral health has become even easier. Reap the benefits and make oral health a priority in 2022!


  • New year is all about resolutions; this new year let it be all about taking care of your oral health.
  • Quitting harmful habits like smoking, tobacco chewing, nail-biting, opening bottles with teeth can increase the longevity of teeth.
  • A good diet is important not just for general health but oral health too.
  • Right brushing technique and correct flossing method are key factors for good oral health.
  • The health of the jaw-joint is extremely important for proper functioning and to carry out everyday activities.
  • Opting for smart choices like switching to vegan oral hygiene products can be very beneficial.
  • Make oral health a priority this new year!
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