Eating quickly can cause bad breath- Know how?

Written by Dr. Apurva Chavan

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 3, 2024

Written by Dr. Apurva Chavan

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 3, 2024

Are you doing everything you can to avoid bad breath, but still unable to get rid of it? Then you need to start assessing your eating speed as eating quickly can cause bad breath.

Not just what we eat but how we eat is also important.

Many of us are slaves to our screens and don’t have time to eat properly. Junk food gets quickly eaten satiating our hunger but damaging our bodies.

When we eat food in a hurry, we don’t allow our saliva to properly mix with food nor do we allow our teeth to cut food into small pieces. Big pieces of food get stuck in between our teeth. Food that has not been cut into small pieces and drenched and softened with saliva will not get digested well. Our bodies are unable to extract all the nutrients from the food. Indigestion leads to bad breath and acid reflux which in turn make our breath, smell even worse. 

Eating quickly causes acidity

Acid reflux happens when undigested food and the stomach acids are pushed back up by our stomach. This combination of acid and undigested food travels up our food wipe and reaches our mouths to not just give us bad breath, but also damages our food pipe and teeth if ignored for a long time. 

The acid melts our teeth (teeth erosion) and makes them sensitive. It also coats the tongue and leaves a sour or bitter taste in our mouth. Lying down makes acid reflux worst and causing maximum damage to your teeth overnight.

Besides giving you a bad breath eating quickly will also cause you to put on weight leading to obesity. Stroke, diabetes,  heartburns, heart attacks are also soon to follow. 

Eat properly to avoid bad breath

Hasty eating causes big food particles to remain stuck in between your teeth. This invites more bad bacteria to not just cause bad breath, but also destroy your teeth.

This is why your dentist often recommends chewing a morsel of your food 32 times before swallowing. It allows you to enjoy your food with all your senses and gives your stomach time to tell you that it is full. The stomach digests food better and leaves you without bad breath or acid reflux.

So chew slowly and keep your teeth healthy by brushing them twice a day. Do not forget to floss to remove all the food particles stuck between your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth in tip-top condition and your digestive system running smoothly.


  • Eating quickly can cause bigger food particles to get stuck between your teeth and the food remains leave you with bad breath.
  • Hence dentists recommend chewing your food 32 times for better digestion and to avoid bad breath.
  • Eating quickly can also hamper your digestion as saliva is not mixed with the food properly and increases acidity.
  • Acidity further increase the pH of the mouth and saliva and cause your teeth to erode. This tooth erosion can result in teeth sensitivity too.

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