Dental problems during lockdown due to Covid-19 Pandemic?

Last updated May 2, 2024

Last updated May 2, 2024

Amidst these tough times of lockdown, the last thing that should be bothering you is hurting tooth.

Due to the COVID-19, hospitals and dental clinics are the last places where people want to be in. These places relatively being the ‘hotbed’ of infections, the Centre of Disease Control has advised against all elective procedures to curb transmission through aerosols whilst working inside the oral cavity.

During times of crisis, effective dental triage (a process involving assignment of degrees of urgency of pain and discomfort to decide the line of treatment) by teleconsultation and various home remedies to tackle your problems arising have been listed here.

In case of toothache, you need to help us assess the condition you’re in and communicate with our team of dentists for consultation who are available 24/7. You can simply forward us pictures of the affected teeth and we shall make a treatment plan designed for you.

Urgent dental care

Although emergency dental procedures are being prioritized hence carried out mandatorily in clinics with utmost precautions. You should rush to the dentist in cases like

  1. Facial swelling extending to eye or neck or floor of the mouth inevitably affecting vision, breathing or being unable to open mouth more than 2 finger’s width.
  2. Bleeding due to any trauma wherein your emergency care should include slight compression and elevation of the traumatic part. Immediate first-aid in case of bleeding is the application of green tea with gauze in the affected area.
  • Remember that herbal and decaffeinated teas will fail to work. One needs the tannins from caffeinated green or black teas.
  • Get a green or black tea bag wet and wrap it in sterile gauze.
  • Hold it directly over the bleeding in your mouth for 30 minutes or more.
  • To use tea to stop an outer cut from bleeding, press dry green or black tea bag wrapped with sterile dry gauze, using a slight amount of pressure and elevating the area until you reach the emergency care.3. Fractured tooth due to commonly excessive biting force and teeth grinding. Avoid biting and pressure on that side and seek a dentist near you.
    4. Toothache that is preventing sleep and eating combined with swelling or fever that isn’t suppressed by painkillers.

Non-urgent dental care

Elective procedures like the following can be handled at home until the lockdown resolves. In cases of children, old people under medications and pregnant females take the utmost care and precaution without panic. Do not hesitate to consult with our team 24/7.

  • Loose or lost crowns, bridges and veneers.
  • Broken, rubbing or loose dentures
  • Bleeding gums
  • Fractured, loose or lost fillings
  • Chipped tooth with no pain
  • Loose orthodontic wires


Any pain arising due to treatment or lack of treatment can be temporarily managed by Over-the-Counter medications in accordance with instructions on the packet.

  1. Make sure you gargle your mouth with lukewarm water to soothe it.
  2. Use dental aids like floss and interdental picks to remove any lodged food and clean the area.
  3. Soak small cotton pellet with clove oil (available easily crushing clove at home) and place it over the hurting tooth. If unable to get clove, a clean cotton pellet also helps avoid the food lodgement.
  4. If your mouth is swollen, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth or cheeks as it reduces swelling by vasoconstriction.
  5. Never put any painkiller against the gums near the aching tooth because it may cause irritation to the gum tissue.

Pain in the lower or upper part of the jaw which refers to ear and neck could be due to wisdom tooth eruption. Make sure the area is cleaned using interdental brushes to avoid food lodgement and maintain a soft diet.

Tooth Sensitivity

Mild sensitivity can be controlled by avoiding hot and cold food items along with regular use of toothpaste like Sensodyne -Repair and Protect.

For extreme cases, direct application over the affected area is recommended. Allow it to stay for a while without rinsing or consuming it.


Ulcers arise due to various reasons ranging from local irritation or stress. Usually, they last for a few days, to avoid pain and discomfort you should do the following.

  1. Use warm salty mouthwash enabling thorough cleaning
  2. Application of an available local anesthetic gel if possible
  3. Soft diet without too many spices
  4. Meditation and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to relieve stress

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums do not stop until standard oral hygiene measures are taken regularly. Make sure you brush twice with fluoridated toothpaste along with the use of floss and tepe brushes.

Pregnancy-induced gingivitis is fairly common, with no reason to be alarmed about. The condition improves with fluent oral hygiene care practiced regularly.

Fractured Prosthesis

  • Remove the prosthesis and keep it clean until you visit the dentist.
  • Please avoid using whack remedies like super glue.
  • You can follow up with our other dental articles regarding tips to avoid dental injuries because of ‘better safe than sorry’

These are merely temporary solutions to the major underlying problem which needs to be taken care of by the dentist as soon as possible. Remember, teeth are the only part of the body that cannot heal themselves.

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Author Bio: Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali is the Co-Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon at scanO (formerly DentalDost). A recipient of the Pierre Fauchard International Merit Award, she is a holistic dentist who believes that everyone should have access to oral healthcare, irrespective of class and geography. She strongly believes that tele-dentistry is the way to achieve that. Dr. Vidhi has also spoken at various dental colleges, addressing the dental fraternity about dental services and innovations. She is a keen researcher and has published various papers on recent advances in dentistry.

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