Which dental chair should you opt for?

Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Buying a dental chair is the primary decision of every dentist. There are a number of dental chairs in the market which provides a lot of facilities and features. Grabbing the correct dental chair is quite confusing. Dental dost have listed top dental chair manufacturers as per the dentist’s need.

Key aspects of selecting a perfect dental chair are

  1. Comfort for both patient as well as the dentist
  2. Functionality
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Price

1] Planmeca


Planmeca is the dental chair company for ultimate comfort. It has versatile optimally designed features which provide great comfort.

The Planmeca has 180-degree swivel function which allows the chair to turn 90 degrees both left and right. This feature is very useful for intraoral X-ray and other auxiliary equipment.

It also provides solid comfort for the patient with a fixed or automatic leg rest. Moreover, the Planmeca chair is available with two different upholstery options that are Comfy and Ultra Relax. Both the upholsteries are durable and come in wide ranges of different colors.

Planmeca Chair also has a surgical armrest which helps for immobilizing the patient’s arm, especially during sedation.

2] Osstem


Osstem has a special K3 Unit Chair which has amazingly attractive features and convenient design. The dr table has a 4.3” full-colour LCD display Panel. The wide table, mouse pad and a chart holder improves the precision and efficiency of the treatment.

The water-imaging hand-piece, lamp switch, RPM setting with the timer allow the procedure to be done with a more organized manner. The assistant table of K3 is specially designed to provide the arrangements for consumables and operating tools on the table.

The ergonomically designed special chair adopts a high-performance hydraulic motor and the ground minimizes shaking during chair height adjustment. It also has special ergonomic design back support, seating and headrest.

Therefore, the patient can maintain the most comfortable posture.

Osstem chairs are available in wide ranges of colours which will aesthetically bring a welcoming vibe to your dental clinic.

3] Morita


The Morita Group is one of the largest manufacturers of medical technology around the globe. They are the leading supplier in the field of X-ray, diagnostics and endodontics.

The company is now managed by the third generation. They have maintained all the aspects of entrepreneurial efforts and quality services. Hence, they have created a number of path-breaking innovations.

The Morita Group goals to achieve cooperation and keep refining their knowledge continuously according to the buyer’s needs.

Morita SIGNO G10 II OTP offers an outstanding result with a high degree of comfort, flexibility and hygienic design which ensures the comfort of the patient as well as the dentist.

A key feature of  SIGNO G10 II is a foldaway mirror that can be used to show patients the condition of their teeth. Also, the operator’s element has a USB port for the use of multimedia applications.

The patient’s chair has a comfortable and flexible sitting area. Moreover, the chair can be adjusted easily for pedo patients or for patients with a restrictive range of movements.

The patient feels completely relaxed and calm while sitting in this chair. The material of the upholstery has a pleasant, moisture regulating surface and has 2 texture qualities.

The chair is available in modern colors which adds to a relaxed atmosphere to your dental clinic.

4] A-dec


A-dec creates a wide range of dental equipment which is user-friendly and stylish. The dental chairs are comfortable as well as available in different styles and colours.

A-dec dental chair adjusts the chair movement with the natural motion of the patient. The virtual pivot feature of the chair keeps the patient more relaxed and comfortable.

The Dec-500 provides an ultra-thin backrest and slim-profile headrest to gain ergonomic access to the oral cavity. As a result, the dentist feels less strained and fatigue.

The assistant’s instrumentation is easily accessible and rotates around the chair for complete left and right compatibility.

5] Dentsply Sirona


Dentsply Sirona has a perfectly harmonious workflow and smooth operating treatment modalities. The patient feels more relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Dentsply Sirona provides an ergonomic working position. One of their models ‘Teneo’ provides ease of access quite freely and effortlessly. The control panel has a 6+1 instrument position which adapts more than the dentist’s requirements.

The chair has a massage and lumbar support. Therefore, it helps to support the patient and helps them to relax. The chair has innovative material which gives the upholstery option additional softness and extra comfort.

The integrated treatment functions for implantology and endodontics reduce the time.

The Dental chair unit has a 7” large touchscreen display which contains a self-explanatory operation and navigates safely and easily during the treatment.

6] KaVo dental Chair India


KaVo is thriving is a record of over 100 years of excellence. Their reputation is preceded by a history of more than 2000 patents and expanding work. Kavo has a wide range of dental products including dental chairs, x-ray units, instruments and many more.

The KaVo UNIK dental chair is completely ergonomics and comfort essential.

It has all the forms and functions of the dentist’s needs.

It comprises of a 4 and 5 terminals line – A cart model, standard headrest and multifunctional foot control.

The steel structure, injected-foam upholstery and 100% laminated PVC cover make the patient’s chair more comfortable. The instruments’ support integrated and staggered in the table prevents them from falling accidentally. Moreover, the chair is manufactured with high technology and UV protection material that prevents the yellowing of the pieces.

KaVo UNIK chair has an enclosed, safe and practical operating light with double handles for the dentist and the assistant. It generates cold light which prevents identification of deviations from the resin colours.

The foot control is completely easy to use and enables more room for movement during the procedure.

High-tech manufacturing processes ensure the product’s durability and resistance. This easy-to-access chair is completely dentist as well as assistant friendly.

KaVo Dental Chairs are available in 3 models.

7] Gnatus dental chair


Gnatus is one of the most reliable companies in the field of dentistry. The easy to operate chairs and ergonomic efficient are the key features of the Gnatus dental chairs.

The S 500 chair is equipped with a synchronized movement of seat and back. It has the automatic arm which is free to move for the patient as well as the dental professional.

The headrest is bi-articulable, removable, anatomical easy to use.  It provides comfort to the patient and allows the treatment of handicapped and pediatric patients.

The special feature of this chair is a movement lock system. This allows total patient safety while performing procedures.

The delivery unit has a pneumatic arm, support tray, PAD control with LED negatoscope, 5 working terminals, and autoclavable handpiece support.

The water bowl is attached to the chair, with an electronic control panel.

The Gnatus dental chairs are available in different colors and facilities.

8] Confident Dental chair


Confident dental is one of the largest manufacturers of dental and medical equipment in India. They are committed to achieving customers satisfaction and excel in achieving quality, the economy of the product and great service.

Confident has a great variety of dental chairs depending on style, comfort, and efficiency. Chamundi dental unit has a body-contoured electrically operated microprocessor-based programmable chair which is easy to access.

It provides immense comfort to the patient with a pneumatic piston for movement, a backrest, and a hand rest.

Mookambika dental unit has special operating light with LED Moonlight with glass reflector.

The Pedo dental chair is best for pedo patients. It has an intraoral camera fitted to the dental chair with arm and a monitor for display.

Confident Dental is no doubt a reliable manufacturer of dental chairs.

9] Chesa Dental Care


Chesa is one of the leading dental care company in India which incorporates a wide dealer network and provides great service.

They have ranges of chairs available which fall in 3 main categories. Economical, mid-range and high-end range. These three categories have a variety of features. Backrest, swivel, soft cushioning, double-articulating headrest and ergonomics are the key features of every dental chair.

Chesa also provides reliable customer support to the customers.

These are the top dental chair manufacturers around the globe. Choose your chair wisely depending on your needs and budget.


  • Key aspects of selecting a perfect dental chair are comfort for both patient as well as the dentist, functionality, aesthetics and price.
  • There are many dental chairs in the market. Choosing the right one considering the cost makes it difficult to make a decision.
  • These top 10 dental chairs will help you get an idea on what are the newer advances and the necessary features you would need.
  • Right from the very basic ones to the advanced versions of dental chairs you can definitely choose from the top brands.

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