Does your child feel isolated?

Last updated Aug 17, 2023

Last updated Aug 17, 2023

Child feels isolated

What if your child starts isolating himself from other children? Is it normal?

There are a number of children sitting alone, talking to no one and engrossed in their own world. Every kid is curious and it is the perfect age to learn new things. Kids learn new things or objects by their sensory organs. But what if this behavior sustains for a longer period? Is it normal or something else?

Autism is a very complicated neuropsychological condition that has a number of symptoms. A child feels isolated and may not show the symptoms at first but if the symptoms show prominently take your child to a doctor for treatment or therapy.

What is Autism?

Autism is a very complex neuro-behavioral condition very rarely seen in kids. However, the symptoms of these conditions may vary. Autism literally means the inability to easily communicate and to interact with others or the environment.

The most common cause of autism is a birth defect. In certain cases, a trauma like shifting to a new unknown place, separation from family/friends or loss of any nearest family member may also show autistic conditions.

Autism has a range of various symptoms. Common are listed below.

Repetitive movements

Movements such as flipping hands during overexcitement, rocking, running back and forth, etc. Parents may not notice these small behavioral changes in their child and find them normal but not every normal kid acts in the same way.

Attraction to unusual objects

Curiosity is a very normal and progressive thing in the development of every kid. Every child is curious right from being a toddler and want to touch or handle new things in their surrounding.

But however, if a child gets attracted to unusual objects like sharp objects or anything which might hurt them, it is important for a parent to get them checked.

Language delay

We all know that kids are stubborn. Their desire to get things is on a peak level which is absolutely normal. However, in autistic kids, parents are unable to understand their kid’s demands. If your child is old enough to speak at least basic words, make them speak.

An autistic child only makes a sound of being cranky if he wants anything but never speaks a single word. The linguistic skills of an autistic child are very poor.

The child fails to point at any object he/she wants and keeps on whining or making a continuous sound.

No eye contact

Making eye contact is a sign of being attentive to what a person is speaking to us. An infant usually looks at you when you are talking to him and gives some kind of response like smiling or staring.

An autistic child denies to make eye contact or respond to any of the questions. The child never wants to make eye contact or be attentive to what his parents are talking to them.

Sensory response

A response to a large sound or bright light is very common. But have you ever seen your kid keeping his hands on his ears even if two people are talking normally?

The child doesn’t want to stay in the environment, which is too loud for him. He wants to walk away or let other people go away. There are situations when parents are fighting on the top of their voices and the child keeps his hands on his ears and shuts his eyes. This is one of the responses where an autistic behavior of a child may prominently show.

Every child is unique. Every autistic child may or may not show all the above symptoms. However, it is the responsibility of a parent who must find out if their child feels isolated and is showing any strange behavioral changes. Visit their pediatrician immediately.

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