Alternative Career options after BDS

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 4, 2024

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated May 4, 2024

Confused about career options after BDS? With the increasing job opportunities every day, dentistry is now not limited to only clinical practice. Gone are the days when dentists only opted for clinical practice. Setting up a dental clinic all by yourself requires a lot of investment. Not everyone can afford to set up a clinic and profit from it.

Clinical practice is also a slow process and not everyone has the patience to deal with it. Also with the saturation level of dentists, one cannot predict his or her clinical future. Here are some alternative career options after BDS you can think of. Also find out about work from home options for dentists after BDS.


Work from home options for dentists

Are you tired of finding non clinical jobs that are open for MBBS but not for BDS ? Well you do have a doctors degree too!

If you are tech savvy and want to make the most of your dental knowledge as well, then you can definitely try your hands on job opportunities like these. Most of the AI (artificial intelligence) dental firms require dentists to feed in their dental knowledge on various software programs and apps they are working on. Some companies would either require dentists for image annotations or even exchange of medical information and specifically deal with dental data entries. You could either join these firms as a freelancer, part time jobs or even full time remote work. Yes its true and its not a a scam.

Dental tele consultations

Due to the covid-19 pandemic most of the medical firms and dental firms have job opportunities for dental tele consultation. It involves solving the dental concerns of the patient and giving them a detailed consultation over a phone call and e-prescriptions as required in emergency cases. If you are interested in working from home as a part time or even full time, this is one way you can be connected to clinical aspects of dentistry at the ease of working from home.

Opening a dental NGO

If you wish to work for the betterment of society and trying to improve the oral condition of the people who cannot afford the heavy treatment charges and really want to bring about a change in the oral hygiene status then NGO is an option. Apart from this if making money is not the only aim in your life you can think of opening a dental NGO.

Article and blog writing

If creativity is always on your mind and if you’re a person who always thinks out of the box and loves writing and reading this is the perfect career option. With the world getting digitalized Dental articles and blog writing is the new trendy profession. You can get your articles and blogs published in various magazines and newspapers. You can also start reviewing dental products on Youtube and social media something like dental blogging.


Researcher in forensic odontology

forensic ondotologist as career options after B.D.S

Forensic odontology is a very interesting career option for those who have always been interested in playing the role of detective Sherlock Holmes right since their childhood.

Forensic odontologists are typically called in to identify human remains, fingerprints, and identifying bodies in natural disasters. Medical officers and police officers often call forensic odontologists to determine the source of bite marks and injuries in cases of sexual assault, to estimate the age of skeletal remains, and to testify in cases of dental malpractice.

Opening a dental lab

Many people develop a keen interest in laboratory work rather than working on patients. There are very few lab technicians whose work is absolutely good. But the majority of the lab technicians lack dental knowledge in spite of the training they receive. Dentists can take full advantage of this scenario and provide the other dental experts with good lab work.

Dental photography

Photography is something that everyone likes these days and if photography happens to be your hobby too then don’t hesitate to make a career in dental photography. Nowadays dental clinics trying to make a name for themselves are giving a lot of importance to online marketing on social media platforms as well as offline marketing for banners and posters for which good quality and creative images are required.
Many dentists hire a personal dental photographer to click pictures of their cases. The photographs also help to monitor the progress of their treatments and motivate patients to see theirs before and after pictures. Hence one can opt for dental photography as a hobby as well as a profession after B. D. S.


  • MDS is not the only option after BDS.
  • Its only a matter of what interests you.
  • If clinical practice doesn’t seem to interest you there are so many paths to choose from and live your dream job.
  • There are work from home options as well, exclusively for dentists.
  • So don’t be hesitant to step out of your comfort zone and try something out of the box.
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Author Bio: Dr. Amrita Jain is a practicing dental surgeon since 4 years. She completed her B.D.S in 2016 and was has been a rank holder throughout her course. She suggests “Holistic dentistry is the best dentistry”. Her treatment line follows a conservative pattern which means saving a tooth is of utmost priority and preventing your teeth from getting decayed rather than curing it with a root canal treatment. She inculcates the same while consulting her patients. Apart from her interest in clinical practice, she has developed interest in research and writing over a period of time. She states “It is my clinical experience that motivates me to write and spread dental awareness”. Her articles are well researched with a combination of technical knowledge and clinical experience.

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