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They are metal devices which are used to bring teeth is the same alignment to bring proper bite and also improve the oral health hygiene.


What is orthodontic braces?

They are metal devices that are used to bring teeth in the same alignment to bring proper bite and also improve oral health hygiene. They are used to correct overbites, underbites, malocclusion, tooth gaps, crooked teeth, cross bites as well as all the other defective teeth or bites. The basic application is to move the teeth or align them by creating a particular amount of force.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For how long do you have to wear orthodontic braces?

Approximately the orthodontic braces have to used for less than 12 months to 3 years until the desired bite is achieved. Although the treatment varies from person to person depending on their bite and teeth alignment.

How many visits are required until the whole treatment is completed?

The first sitting involves consultation, lasting from 20-30 minutes during which your upper and lower arch impressions are taken. The second sitting involves the bonding of braces onto your teeth to begin the process, of putting wires and braces along with elastics. After the braces have been bonded, there are regular visits every 6-8 weeks for the dentists to monitor the treatment and make the changes in the braces accordingly. After achieving the alignment and bite, comes the debonding stage in which brackets are removed.

What is the post treatment care for orthodontic braces?

Post-treatment comes with chances of relapse, a retainer is given for 4 weeks to 6 months to provide the complete treatment to the procedure to be worn full time. Teeth cleaning which is known as scaling and root planning is done i.e. a thorough cleaning of teeth and the interdental region. Teeth polishing or teeth whitening is also a procedure that can be opted for post-treatment. Once the treatment is completed, brushing twice daily along with proper flossing is required. Chewing gums or any kind of sticky food is suggested to be avoided. Visit your Orthodontist on a regular basis to avoid relapse of the treatment.
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