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And another in the bag! 🥅

Our Smart Oral Health Awareness Corporate Camp was conducted at the office premises of Fedbank Financial Services Ltd – Fedfina Bengaluru

Lead by Dr. Padma Sree & Dr S J Sedrick our revolutionary journey continues! 

We extend many thanks to Poonam M for guiding us and helping us through out the day of our visit. 

Teeth are scanned on the DentalDost app using just your mobile cameras and the results are manifold! 
Everyone receives an in-depth oral health report and free consultations! 

We give you legit ways of Preventing any major dental treatments like Root Canals or Extractions. 

With more than 200 exclusive DentalDost partner clinics across the country and a dentist always present in your pocket you have no reason not to take care of that beautiful smile now! 😊 


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