The compact dental kit you must have while travelling

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Written by Dr Amrita Jain

Medically reviewed by  Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali Kabade BDS, TCC

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Did you ever think that your dental kit could be as compact as carrying your mobile? Don’t ever forget to carry your dental kit whether your vacation is a small one or for longer days. If you’re traveling for a longer duration make sure you visit a dentist for a regular dental checkup and get a cleaning and polishing done before you leave. Having good dental hygiene while traveling is very important as you might have to face a dental emergency if you don’t.

Dental hygiene is always neglected while pacing your steps when you are roaming around the world. But you might face a dental emergency anytime and anywhere which can ruin your vacay.

Problems like sudden tooth pain, sticking of food particles between your teeth, ulcers, gum swelling can occur during your trip if you fail to maintain good dental hygiene. So here’s a way you can carry a handy dental kit while you wanderlust.

1] Toothbrush

Make sure you carry a new toothbrush. Your toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3-4 months. So you can invest in buying a new toothbrush for traveling. You can also go for compact brushes that usually easier to carry.

Single use travel toothbrushes

The colgate mini disposable toothbrushes are pocket-sized and save the hassle of brushing and rinsing your mouth. Its built-in, sugar-free peppermint bead easily dissolves and delivers a rush of minty freshness while the bristles gently remove food and other particles. Its effective plaque removal due to the soft bristles that gently work along your gum line.

No water or rinsing is necessary. A soft pick at the handle base of the disposable toothbrush removes food particles from any hard-to-reach areas. The brushes are ideal for travel or keeping on hand in purses, totes, backpacks and more.

Avoid using a toothbrush cover.

Toothbrush - Dental kitUsually, we tend to use a toothbrush cover to protect the bristles of the toothbrush from getting contaminated. But using a toothbrush cover for your toothbrush may leave it moist and make it more susceptible to catch bacteria and infections on the brush. Moist environment harbours the bacteria and fungus to grow on it. So we should avoid using a toothbrush cover or a case. Toothbrushes should be allowed to dry naturally.

Avoid carrying motorized toothbrushes as it may take up more space and weight in your bag. Manual toothbrushes are easier to carry and lightweight.

2] Toothpaste

You can carry compact toothpaste tubes that you are comfortable using. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride in it. Maintaining dental hygiene can be challenging while traveling. Hence it is preferable to use fluoridated toothpaste to prevent the onset of tooth cavities.

The maximum eco-friendly all-in-one toothbrush with paste in a single portable body saves the hassle of carrying a toothpaste tube.

Toothpaste in tablet forms called toothy tabs

These tablets will change the way you brush your teeth. These little tablets look like small mints. You just pop one in your mouth with a tiny amount of water. All you need to do is crush it between your teeth then start brushing. These are also available in natural forms. Tablet toothpaste is very handy so you can use these when we go camping and in places where there is no sink available.

The tablets made from natural extracts do not leach harmful chemicals into the soil and do not harm the environment. They are also great for long-duration flights because as they are solid, as they can be carried in your luggage. Some of the toothy tabs are the Archtek tablet mint and lush toothy tabs.

3] Floss picks

Floss picks are small pieces floss attached to a plastic stick which is more handy and preferable to use than the traditional floss threads. You can carry a small pack of floss picks that are disposable. You need to use a new floss pick every day. Floss picks should be used instead of a toothpick to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth. So kick the toothpick and floss like a boss.

Also, floss picks to save the hassle of using floss threads and is less time-consuming. Many people prefer to use a floss pick instead of the floss thread as it is more convenient to use. It is advisable to use waxed floss instead of the unwaxed to ensure easy sliding of the floss between your teeth.

The Younifloss floss picks and Dentek floss picks are good brands for you to choose from.

Bio-degradable flosses are also available. These are made from PLA and is vegan and plant-based. PLA is a bio-plastic made from cornstarch and is coated in candelilla wax for smooth flossing.

4] Tongue cleaner

Don’t forget to pack a tongue cleaner in your dental kit. As most of the food debris and bacteria reside on our tongue it is very important to keep our tongue clean. Try using a u-shaped tongue cleaner which actually is more effective than the ones behind the toothbrush.

5] Mouthwash

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Author Bio: Dr. Amrita Jain is a practicing dental surgeon since 4 years. She completed her B.D.S in 2016 and was has been a rank holder throughout her course. She suggests “Holistic dentistry is the best dentistry”. Her treatment line follows a conservative pattern which means saving a tooth is of utmost priority and preventing your teeth from getting decayed rather than curing it with a root canal treatment. She inculcates the same while consulting her patients. Apart from her interest in clinical practice, she has developed interest in research and writing over a period of time. She states “It is my clinical experience that motivates me to write and spread dental awareness”. Her articles are well researched with a combination of technical knowledge and clinical experience.

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