U.S based startup delivering clear aligners at home

Last updated Apr 15, 2024

Last updated Apr 15, 2024

SmileDirectClub is one of the startups disrupting traditional dental methods of orthodontic treatment.

The teledentistry service was launched four years ago and employs around 3000 people. It has a huge potential to eliminate the disparities in oral health care between rural and urban communities.

SmileDirectClub, the U.S based company have started providing ortho treatment at the doorstep. It basically sends full-fledged kits to patients consisting of impression material and trays. Patients can, therefore, take impressions of their teeth themselves, eliminating the need of visiting dental clinics for the preliminary step.

As a result, the prices are 60% less than traditional orthodontic treatment.

Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman co-founded the company SmileDirectClub. The idea emerged to them when they saw the increasing prices of teeth straightening treatment. “We both had a full mouth of metal wired braces. It was a pain point in our youth.” – said Fenkell.

As business partners, Fenkell says that the prices shocked them and how much of the potential market for teeth straightening didn’t have access to orthodontic care.

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, the company’s lead dentist says, “We focus primarily on mild to moderately misaligned teeth.”

How does it function

It is a company that provides dentist directed teeth straightening templates using clear aligners delivered at your home.

SmileDirectClub first makes a 3D image of your teeth to study the existing occlusion and devise a treatment plan. A duly dentist or the orthodontist reviews your 3D smile. 

A mock computerized version of a new smile is sent to the patient, explaining treatment plan and duration. This guides how gradually your smile will transform and begin the production of invisible aligners. They then deliver clear aligners at home that guide the teeth into alignment. Moreover, they send premium teeth whitening agents.

Flat price and payment plans

All SmileDirectClub treatments cost $2350 for Canadian customers. Alternatively, they can pay a $300 deposit followed by monthly installments of $99.

The company can offer a flat fee as it does not take on complex cases. If the patient presents with a complicated case or bite issues, they refer him to a traditional orthodontist.

SmileDirectClub follows the better-known clear aligners known Invisalign, which pioneered their use as an alternative to traditional braces. It is for anyone who wants a beautiful confident smile. They straighten and brighten, most smiles gently, remotely and in an average of 6 months of quick and clear confidence.

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Author Bio: Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali is the Co-Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon at scanO (formerly DentalDost). A recipient of the Pierre Fauchard International Merit Award, she is a holistic dentist who believes that everyone should have access to oral healthcare, irrespective of class and geography. She strongly believes that tele-dentistry is the way to achieve that. Dr. Vidhi has also spoken at various dental colleges, addressing the dental fraternity about dental services and innovations. She is a keen researcher and has published various papers on recent advances in dentistry.

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